My employer: Groupe Mutuel

My employer: Groupe Mutuel

What does it mean to be part of our team? Overview of your opportunities.

My employer: Groupe Mutuel
Step by step to signing an employment contract

Step by step to signing an employment contract

What happens between the application stage and the signing of the contract? The recruitment process in detail.

Step by step to signing an employment contract

Secure your career

At Groupe Mutuel, we want our employees to feel “at home”. Whether you are an expert in your field or a young rising talent, whether you have a creative and insightful spirit or a rational and diligent mind, you are sure to find an activity that suits you. Be bold and join our team to develop your skills.

Our commitments to our employees

From our history, we draw the strength to build our future…

At Groupe Mutuel, every employee benefits from a quality work environment, advantageous working conditions and attractive social benefits. In line with our values, we place respect and innovation at the heart of our initiatives.


To anticipate tomorrow’s needs, Groupe Mutuel is creating new professions while allowing others to transform.


We are committed to maintaining a healthy corporate spirit, to ensuring equal opportunities and to applying a fair salary policy.


Every employee shares his/her experience and know-how, so that working together becomes a way of achieving personal and professional fulfilment.

Join Groupe Mutuel

We are looking for dynamic and motivated employees, at all levels and with various levels of expertise, to join our teams. Find the position that suits you among our vacancies.


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