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Our corporate culture and values have become firmly rooted throughout our history. Born out of a commitment to mutual support, our group has grown over time thanks to a visionary spirit. During our growth, we made the commitment never to forget our roots and the values that make up our DNA.

At the service of our policyholders

At Groupe Mutuel, our actions are driven by the wish to support our policyholders. Due to the nature of our industry, our customers get in touch with us in two situations: to prevent the worst and when the worst happens. That is why we are required to respond in the most compassionate and effective way possible.

On a daily basis, all of our departments work towards this goal. Whatever the department, the primary objective our employees is to facilitate the life of our policyholders.

We are driven by innovation

We are constantly improving the way we do our job, in order to follow the development of society as closely as possible To anticipate the needs of our policyholders and adapt to new lifestyle habits, we are constantly reviewing our products and services.

This desire for innovation also applies internally. New technologies, along with new working models, allow us to reinvent the jobs that define our activities and to integrate new ones.

The importance of the human component

Such as the customer is at the heart of our employees’ concerns, employees are at the heart of the considerations of Groupe Mutuel as an employer. We attach great importance to the professional and personal development of those who make up the company. Respect and compassion are fundamental to the spirit of Groupe Mutuel.

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