Recruitment process

From the advertised job vacancy to signing the contract

While waiting for an answer, you may find the time long. To ease the waiting time, let us present in detail the different stages of our recruitment process. Whatever the outcome of your application, we guarantee that you will receive an answer from us.

1. You browse through our open positions and find one that suits you.

On our careers website, you will find the full list of profiles sought by Groupe Mutuel. Some vacancies are also published on job search websites and social networks. 

2. You apply online, sending your full application.

After filling in our online application form, you put together your file and send us your documents. All applications sent in this way are directly centralised in our system. Paper applications are not considered.

If no vacancy suits you, you may still submit an unsolicited application. Send an email with your full application to

3. We review your application carefully

Our recruitment specialists review each application carefully to ensure that our selection criteria are met. At the end of the review, they carry out a first selection of applications.

4. We draw up a shortlist of candidates.

The applications that are deemed suitable for the position are sent to the line manager. The other applications receive a negative answer. Therefore, at this stage of the process, you may consider that no news is good news!

5. We meet the shortlisted candidates.

The first interviews are an opportunity to meet the candidates for the first time. We assess the person's motivation and personality, as well as his/her social and technical skills. 
Depending on the position advertised, a second interview may take place and the applicant may be asked to pass a personality test.

6. We submit an offer to the final candidate.

The candidate deemed most suitable for the position is contacted and an offer is made.
Those persons whose applications have not been selected for the position considered are notified by the recruiters or by the manager. An answer is sent to every applicant.

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